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This Product Review Features the Products and Research that helped BOB The Patient to Live Longer and Healthier


PREVENTIONBOB THE REAL PATIENT’S medical problems started in August 2002 when he visited his GP with a three week old excruciating pain in his left shoulder, two years later in 2004 he was taken off all pain relief and medication due to their side effects including a sudden two and a half stone weight loss in just over a week.
BoB was sent home to sink or swim by the GP.
He was now suffering from Multi-Level Cervical Nerve Root
Damage, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Psoriasis,
IBS (Chronic Diarrhoea), and all of their associated problems.
In 2013 BoB suffered a Stroke which paralysed the whole of
his left side.
He has not requested NHS help, he uses all the products in
this review together with the knowledge gained from our
research throughout the years since 2004.