About Live Longer and Healthier

Live longer and healthier was originally set up as a project to promote products that had helped BoB to survive his illness and eventually live longer and healthier.BoB’s consultant Neurologist and his senior Physiotherapist said that because he had previously had such an active lifestyle he needed a project to keep his brain more active and as a distraction to the pain etc. Live Longer and healthier was that project.

Live Longer and Healthier is now an honest review of natural health products that have been beneficial to BoB the patient and others during his 13 years of illness and fight for recovery.

BoB The Real Patient

Prior to 2002 BoB was a very active, healthy workaholic who didn’t do ill for more than 24hrs.

BoB’s medical problems started with an excruciating pain in his left shoulder and after two years of the conundrum of medications he was left suffering with Multi-Level cervical Nerve Root Damage, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Psoriasis, IBS (Chronic Diarrhoea), and all of their associated side affects together with the original pain in the shoulder.


Shoulder Symptoms
BoB’s symptoms began in July 2002 when he had a sudden unexplained excruciating pain in his left shoulder/upper back.
By the beginning of August 2002 the constant pain in his shoulder and upper back spread to his left forearm and hand
with increasing tingling and lack of sensation in his fingers.
He had substantial loss of use of his left arm hand and fingers. He also had constant and persistent pain in his neck,
lower back and leg on the left side of his body.These symptoms were eventually diagnosed as Multi-Level Cervical Nerve Root Damage.

Other Symptoms
Since September 2002, BoB suffered from symptoms such as fatigue/exhaustion, excessive sweating, palpitations, fear
feelings, adrenalin; fight or flight feelings, whole body trembles, feeling sick and often vomiting.
He also suffered with brain fog, where at times he could not string a sentence together or concentrate on what
someone was saying to him.He also experienced randomised pains all over his body and muscle cramps.

BoB often experienced what had been termed as ‘crashes’; crashes were unpredictable sudden episodes of excessive
sweating, overwhelming fatigue, palpitations, feeling sick and very hot, with violent diarrhoea and shaking to the extent
that his whole body shook.

Whilst the crashes were unpredictable and often happened for no apparent reason, they were provoked by physical
and mental activity and/or stress.

BoB also suffered delayed onset of pain, fatigue/exhaustion, etc, i.e. after an activity such as attending a hospital
appointment about three to four days later all of his symptoms would become worse, this would render him incapable
of any activity, confining him to bed for the following three to five days. If he had fallen due to his left leg giving way
the pain and bruising would appear three to four days after the event together with the worsening of the other
symptoms, rendering him incapable of any activity for anything from a week up to a month afterwards.

These symptoms were eventually diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Walking Problems
BoB could not walk any distance without pain, the pain throughout the left side of his body and in his lower back and
waist area would increase dramatically after just a very short distance, he would then feel absolutely exhausted and
very weak.
His left leg would also give way without any warning and cause him to fall.

Chronic Diarrhoea
Since September 2002 on a daily basis, BoB suffered chronic violent bouts of diarrhoea without any warning, often
accompanied with stomach pains, this on average would happen five to six times within a 2hr period, often several
times a day. As a result of this his rectum was constantly inflamed, very sore and blistered.
During these violent bouts of diarrhoea BoB would quickly feel exhausted and very weak, at times he could hardly stand
or even think straight. He would also feel very cold which made him shiver and shake uncontrollably.

This was eventually diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

From September 2003 BoB was having violent pains in his head and behind his eyes with neuralgia over the left side of
his face.

BoB developed Psoriasis on both of his legs, left side of his groin and above his right ear.

In June 2013 BoB suffered a stroke which resulted in complete head to toe paralysis on the left side of his body.


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