Angel Fingers Massage Tool Review


MASSAGE THERAPYthe basic facts you need to know

The word massage is most likely to have emerged from the Greek word Massein , meaning to knead or the Arabic word mas h meaning to press softly.
Massage is the oldest physical medicine known to man and traceable back to the early Chinese medical manuscripts around 400BC.

Massage stimulates blood circulation increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to our cells without strain on the heart.

Massage has the added benefit of relaxing tense muscles and tight connective tissues which may have been constricting blood vessels and consequently restricting blood flow and oxygen to our cells.Massage helps our lymphatic system (red/white blood cells) remove lactic acid from muscles, kill biological invaders (viruses, pathogens and bacteria) and flush away their waste, including the waste from ten to fifty trillion cells, (depending how healthy we are), our bodies replace each day.

Massage helps the release and flow of endorphins; the neurotransmitters in our brain that give us that feel good factor , they have pain relieving properties similar to morphine, they also boost our immune system, relieve stress and postpone the aging process.

Today, massage therapy is one of the fastest growing forces in the field of health care.

Angel fingers lightweight massage tool

The perfect gift – Powered by Angels – No batteries required!

Angel Fingers induces relaxing sensual sensations all over your body

Often experienced as waves of euphoria!


This versatile massage tool can be used from the top of your head to the tips of your toe’s

Angel fingers how it works

The gentle massage of the copper fingers balance and enhance your body’s own energy by removing lymphatic blockages and allowing biological energy to flow freely.white-angel Angel Fingers uses the same principals of Corrective Tissue Massage, successfully used by Physiotherapists for pain management and muscle relaxation.

Angel Fingers Massage Tool has been proven to be beneficial to both Fibromyalgia sufferers and in Chronic Pain management.

Angel fingers copper fingers

Massage from the seven copper fingers gently stimulate nerve endings creating warm relaxing tingling sensations that help our bodies to produce endorphins, the happy drug!

Endorphins are also our bodies natural pain killer, muscle relaxant and stress buster.

Amazingly cats, dogs and horses Love an Angel Fingers massage too!

Angel fingers benefits

remove tension in the shoulders & aches and pains

improves circulationno-batteries-required

improves lymphatic drainage

remove tension headaches and eyestrain

relieve stress and tension

relax and re-energise

Angel Fingers can be used all over your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes to relieve stress and tension

Angel fingers for healing, relaxation or simply for fun!

Gentle massage with your Angel Fingers massage tool increases vitality, energy, alertness, releasing natural endorphins that give you the feel-good factor.Untitled-1

Angel Fingers is a great way to stimulate your nervous system, lower your pulse, slow breathing and in general chilling you out.

When using your Angel Fingers Massage Tool use down-strokes to relax and up-strokes to re-energise.

You can even pop it into your bag or briefcase and take it with you wherever you go!

Angel Fingers Massage Tool induces amazing relaxing, sensual sensations all over your body, often experienced as waves of euphoria!


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