BoB’s Treatment History and Our Research – Part 2 – Chronological Order


In April 2009 the re-scheduled block appointments for Corrective Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help with pain at the Medically unexplained Symptoms Outpatient Clinic had to be cancelled as Bob was not well enough to attend.

It was decided by the consultant that because of Bob’s illness and disabilities; the constant pain, exhaustion, and diarrhoea etc that this treatment was not going to be suitable.

We were now effectively on our own, Bob’s GP could not offer any help either because of his body’s intolerance to medication, but it was agreed with the GP that we would contact her if we thought there was something she could do to help Bob, otherwise he would not see her as the very act of going to see her, as with all appointments, would exasperate his condition and quite often as a result of being in a waiting room full of other ill people Bob would pick something up such as a bug, cold, or chest infection.

We continued with our own research for anything that could help Bob, we found that raw organic virgin coconut oil could help Bob if taken orally as it could strengthen the immune system and reduce colds and viruses which Bob suffered from almost consistently.

Our research also showed that if used topically it could help to calm the blisters and inflammation associated with the chronic diarrhoea.

One of the problems with having friends visit was that Bob would often be ill afterwards with a cold or virus, whilst the person was not ill themselves they could have unknowingly been in contact with others that had colds or viruses.

In fact if they had knowingly been in contact with others who were ill they would not visit as they knew Bob was very fragile and could easily pick up anything. Consequently visits from friends were kept to a minimum. The same risks applied when I had to go out.

Bob started to take raw organic virgin coconut oil orally; see Tiana raw organic virgin coconut oil, he started with one tablespoon a day and gradually increased it to three tablespoons a day over a couple of weeks and after about three/four months it did seem to reduce the amount of colds and viruses Bob suffered from. We were actually able to have friends visit without Bob being ill afterwards!

I also used the coconut oil daily, orally and externally as an overall body moisturiser, when I had to go out I would also put a small amount of coconut oil inside my nostrils as research showed that doing this helps to stop bacteria and viruses entering the nasal cavity, therefore further reducing the risk to Bob.

The raw organic virgin coconut oil did calm and heal the blistering and inflammation caused by the chronic diarrhoea, sometimes it was that bad Bob could not even sit comfortably, the coconut oil made it possible to sit down.

Having found and experienced the benefits of raw organic coconut oil we went on to find and research coconut water; see cocowell organic coconut water.
Our research revealed that coconut water contains the five essential electrolytes your body needs to keep nerves firing and muscles moving and to prevent cramping, Bob experienced a lot of cramp, mainly in his left hand and fingers.

We also discovered that as a result of prolonged diarrhoea it causes your body to lose more fluid than it can take in and as a result your essential salts; electrolytes are lost too. Whilst we knew that you should replace fluids, we did not know specifically about the electrolytes.

Our research also revealed that coconut water could enhance concentration, reduce stress, and that it was used worldwide in the treatment of digestive ailments, to re-hydrate and to naturally repair our body’s cells.

When Bob first tasted organic coconut water he liked it so much that he drank two 330ml cartons in very quick succession, this resulted in instant diarrhoea, after a little more research we found that it can also detox your body, especially if you drink a lot of it when your body is not used to it and this can result in diarrhoea!

So we started to dilute the coconut water 50/50 ratio with water, this helped tremendously, whilst it did not stop the chronic diarrhoea Bob suffered with daily it did not make it any worse. After a couple of weeks Bob gradually reduced the amount of water used to dilute the coconut water until he was drinking it without any dilution. After about a month Bob started to find that he did not feel as ill and weak after the bouts

of chronic diarrhoea, he felt a little stronger and had more energy. Whilst he still experienced cramp in his left hand and fingers it was not as frequent.

In September 2009 we purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator, Bob liked flying and we thought it would help to exercise his brain in mental acuity such as concentration, focus and multi tasking, as he struggled with these aspects due to the brain fog he experienced.

When using flight simulator Bob also thankfully, got back into using the OXYfarm oxygen therapy machine, which previously the corrective behaviour therapy consultant had put Bob off by somehow getting into his head that having oxygen therapy was cheating and producing false results, consequently Bob had then stopped using the OXYfarm. This was very detrimental to Bob as he had had amazing benefits from the oxygen therapy.

Bob started to use the OXYfarm on a daily basis, he would have at least 45 minutes up to 2 hours oxygen therapy whist he was using flight simulator.

Over the next twelve months Bob gradually became stronger as his energy levels increased, his concentration levels and focus also improved, together with his memory.

Whilst Bob did not feel as ill and weak after the bouts of chronic diarrhoea he was still plagued with it on a daily basis, it would normally start early morning through to lunch time, whilst we had changed our diet to a stone age organic diet, it had only reduced the ferocity of it.

Bob still experienced the crashes; the sudden episodes of excessive sweating, overwhelming fatigue, palpitations, feeling ill etc., but these were reduced to once or twice a week and then once a month instead of every day and they were not as devastating when they happened and he would recover quicker from them, although any excess stress, mental or physical would still invoke a crash with devastating results.

So all stress was kept to a minimum as we had always tried to do.

When possible we started to go out once a week/fortnight during the afternoons for social interaction as we had been told by Bob’s senior physiotherapist and neurological consultant that it was important to do so.


Unfortunately in December 2010 Bob had a very bad fall due to his left leg giving way.

Bob had delayed onset of pain 6 days after the fall which then lasted for approximately a month. This also made his other symptoms of fatigue/exhaustion, excessive sweating, palpitations and diarrhoea worse, he was bedridden for most of this time.

At the end of December 2010 Bob received an invitation for bowel screening.

As Bob did not provide a specimen for the bowel screening he received two reminders, one in February 2011 and one in March 2011.

Bob had not provided as specimen as he had had a colonoscopy and a biopsy taken from his colon previously to investigate the chronic diarrhoea and nothing other than inflammation was found. He also wanted to discuss it with his GP first.


During the early part of 2011 once he had recovered well enough from the fall Bob visited his GP. he was referred for a hip X-ray to see if it would identify a reason to explain his left leg problems. Bob also discussed whether he should participate in the bowel screening program, his GP thought he should as it was back in 2004 when he had the colonoscopy etc, the GP also informed us that the bowel screening program was primarily looking for cancer.

In March 2011 Bob provided the three specimens for the bowel screening program.

In April 2011 Bob received a letter from the Bowel Screening informing him that he had had a positive result which showed traces of blood in his bowel motion. It was requested that Bob contact the bowel screening clinic within seven days to have a discussion with a nurse before having a colonoscopy.

We spoke to the nurse and informed her of Bob’s medical condition as she had no records; we also discussed the fact that Bob could not have any medication or sedatives etc and explained why. The nurse informed us that she had noted all the information we gave her together with the fact that Bob would need to have the colonoscopy without sedation and that he knew what to expect having had the previous one without sedation.

Bob received a letter from the bowel screening informing him that his colonoscopy had been set for the beginning of August 2011.

In July 2011 Bob received a letter from his GP regarding the results of his hip X-ray; Whilst his hips generally seemed to be fine, a reduction in bone density had been noticed. Bob was referred to the Mineral Metabolism Clinic for a Dexa Scan to check his bone density.

At the beginning of August 2011 Bob attended the appointment for the colonoscopy.

The clean prep you have to take to clean your bowels out prior to the appointment gave Bob a lot of stomach pain, but it had calmed down and Bob felt relaxed about having the procedure which was scheduled for the afternoon.

When we arrived at the appointment Bob was called to get gowned up etc, the nurse turned to me and said that I should go away and come back to pick him up a few hours later, I explained that I whilst I was Bob’s partner I was also his carer and that Bob 

needed me to help him undress etc, together with the fact he wanted me to be there. The nurse replied that because of the sedation he would not be ready to come home for at least couple of hours afterwards. I explained to her that he could not have any sedatives and that this had been explained and arranged with the nurse on the telephone a few weeks ago. The nurse then directed us to the bed and left us alone whilst Bob changed into the gown etc.

After Bob had changed into the gown another nurse appeared and started to ask some tick box questions, one of the questions was ‘do you have any pre-existing conditions’

Bob started to explain his medical problems, the nurse interrupted and stated that there was nothing on their system other than dental treatment Bob had had at the dental hospital, I could see that Bob was starting to get stressed so I quickly intervened and informed the nurse that all this information had been given to the nurse on the telephone prior to receiving this appointment and that it had been arranged for Bob to have the colonoscopy without sedation.

The nurse went to have another look on their computer system but came back stating that there was definitely nothing on their computer system to say that Bob had any medical conditions and therefore there was no reason for Bob not to have the sedatives.

We tried to explain why he could not have the sedatives, the nurse interrupted us and told us that she would go and get one of the surgeons to come and talk to Bob about it, the surgeon appeared after about 10 minutes, we explained about the previous colonoscopy which had been performed successfully without any sedation and the fact that as Bob had suffered severe side effects from all medication even low dose medication it was the Anaesthetist who had decided it would not be safe to sedate Bob, as the danger was that his body was highly likely to go into spasms and if this happened they would not be able to get the camera out.

The surgeon proceeded to tell Bob that there was no Anaesthetist in the hospital and that it would be ok to have the sedatives and that he shouldn’t worry as they only puncture one in a thousand! He also informed Bob that if anything did go wrong they could not do anything about it and that he would have to be taken to another hospital.

The surgeon then informed us that whilst one of the surgeons within the bowel screening program performed colonoscopies without sedation he did not and had never done so. He offered to perform a partial colonoscopy but stated he would not perform a full colonoscopy without sedation.

By now, Bob was feeling very stressed, abused and bullied down to the fact that no one would not listen or accept that Bob had any  pre-existing medical conditions never mind the problems he suffered with medications and the potential danger of sedatives.

The nurses had constantly barracked Bob and were adamant that because there was nothing on their computer screen about pre existing conditions, Bob did not have any.

Bob was certainly not in any way relaxed enough to have any procedure and the fact that the surgeon had said that they only puncture one in a thousand did not instil any confidence or trust in their ability to perform a safe procedure.
He could also not see the point in having a partial colonoscopy.

Bob decided to leave the hospital and re-arrange an appointment with the surgeon who could perform the colonoscopy without sedation.

A few days later we telephoned the co-ordinator at the bowel screening clinic to explain what had happened at the appointment and to re-arrange an appointment with the surgeon who could perform the colonoscopy without sedation.

The co-ordinator was very helpful, he asked us to give him time to look into the case and that he would call us later.

When the co-ordinator called us back later he suggested that we see Bob’s GP as indeed there was no information about Bob’s medical conditions on their computer system other than the dental work. He could also not find any notes from the telephone discussion with the nurse prior to the allocation of the colonoscopy appointment.

He also asked Bob to give the GP his details and consent for him to liaise with Bob’s GP to sort this out. He also informed us that he would be putting in a complaint regarding the way Bob had been treated. He asked us to phone him again once we had seen the GP.

Bob saw his GP and explained what had happened, the GP looked into this and found that Bob’s medical history was not showing on the correct screen in the computer records, so therefore it would not show on all the computer systems. This was apparently because only certain diagnosis’s automatically appeared on all systems.

The GP manually corrected this. We also informed her that the co-ordinator would like to speak to her and that Bob agreed for her to liaise with him.

When we contacted the co-ordinator again he informed us that he had spoken with the GP and that the GP had also faxed over to him all of Bob’s medical details so that he could put this in Bob’s file together with the fact that Bob was to have the colonoscopy without sedation.

The co-ordinator thought that by doing this is it would fail safe so the nurses would have all the information in his file in case they did not look at the computer system before seeing Bob.

This way Bob would not have to explain anything and be able to remain relaxed for the procedure.

The co-ordinator then re-arranged the colonoscopy for the beginning of September 2011 with the correct surgeon.

At the end of August 2011 Bob attended the appointment for the Dexa Scan, prior to the scan a nurse checked and recorded his weight and height. When the nurse informed Bob of the weight and height measurements Bob asked what was that in old money; i.e. feet and inches etc, when the nurse converted his weight it was correct but when the nurse converted his height it was two and a half inches shorter than he had always been, Bob questioned this, the nurses reply was that it was common for people to lose height when they get older, Bob replied that if his height had changed that much he would have noticed, the nurse re-checked the conversion but would not recheck the actual height

measurement as she was insistent that she had measured this correctly.

This was very worrying because how could Bob have lost two and a half inches in height without us noticing?

Later that day when we got home we measured Bob’s height and this confirmed that he had not lost two and half inches in height!

At the beginning of September 2011 Bob attended the appointment for the colonoscopy.

This time when Bob took the Klean prep to prepare for the colonoscopy he experienced excruciating stomach pains and it felt like his insides were falling apart. Whilst the pains did not cease they did calm down enough for him to attend the appointment, he was also determined to get the procedure done out of the way.

When we arrived a nurse took us through to the ward for Bob to get changed into the gown. As she was drawing the curtains she informed Bob that someone would be along shortly to give him the sedatives. I quickly said to her that he was not having any sedatives and that all this information had been put in his file, which she was holding in her arms, she replied she had not got this information and remarked that everyone has to have the sedatives, she then walked away.

Bob was relaxed when we arrived but now he was feeling stressed again as this was yet another mess up.

The co-ordinator and the GP had done everything they could so that this appointment went smoothly so that Bob remained relaxed for the colonoscopy, but this time the nurse had not even bothered to look at his file, even though she had it in her arms.

Bob decided enough was enough; he was not prepared to be abused and bullied again so we left the ward.

As we were walking down the corridor, a nurse called out to Bob and said come and have a seat and the surgeon will come and speak to you and that she had now found the notes in his file. Bob replied that it was too late, he was now too stressed.

So we left the hospital.

After we got home we contacted the co-ordinator, he was disgusted at what had happened and asked us to leave it with him.

When he got back to us he informed us that he had rescheduled the appointment for October 2011, but this time he had spoken to the surgeon so that he knew prior to the appointment Bob was having the colonoscopy without sedation and could then liaise with the nurses on the day of the appointment before Bob arrived to make sure that there would be no further aggravation to Bob.

From this point on Bob suffered with stomach pains on a daily basis and felt generally unwell on top of all the other problems he suffered with.

Bob saw his GP regarding the stomach pains and the problems in trying to get the colonoscopy without sedation.

The GP informed Bob that as he had had two Klean Prep courses within a very short space of time and that this had obviously caused his stomach problems, he should not take any more anytime soon.

Bob also discussed with the GP that the fact blood was shown in his bowel motion would likely be down to the fact that occasionally at the beginning of diarrhoea he would have a hard plug like stool which was difficult to pass and would tear his rectum making it bleed which would show on the tissue paper, whilst the GP agreed she explained that because it was a bowel screening program and they were looking for cancer she could not remove him from the program, but told us to postpone the procedure until after November 2011 to give his stomach and bowels time to recover.

We informed the co-ordinator at the bowel screening clinic of this information.
The co-ordinator informed us that as the surgeon who performed colonoscopies without sedation was only available at certain times in the bowel screening clinic and due to the surgeon also being on holiday he would have to send an appointment once he knew when the next clinic with the this surgeon would be available.

In October 2011 Bob attended the follow up appointment at the Mineral Metabolism Clinic for the results of the dexa scan.

Prior to seeing the consultant his weight and height were taken and recorded again, this time the height was measured correctly, Bob voiced his concern that the previous height measurement taken was wrong and asked the nurse to correct this in his records; the nurse informed us that she could not change the previous record of his height. It would have to stay in his records.

This was very frustrating for Bob as this meant more incorrect information in his medical records.

When he saw the consultant he was informed that the results of his bone density scan was just above the criteria for having Osteoporosis and that they would see him again in two years.

Bob also informed his GP that his height had been measured and recorded wrong but the GP said that she could not do anything about it.

Towards to the end of 2011 Bob received an appointment for the colonoscopy at the bowel screening clinic for January 2012.


In January 2012 Bob was still suffering from stomach problems caused by the Klean prep, so we contacted the co-ordinator at the bowel clinic to inform him of the problems Bob was still having and to postpone the appointment again.

The co-ordinator informed us that the surgeon who performed the colonoscopies without sedation would no longer be working in the bowel screening clinic so he was unable to schedule another appointment for this surgeon. He informed us that he thought it would be best to take Bob out of the bowel screening program, but to do this his GP would need to make a new referral for Bob through the normal channels to have a colonoscopy, which would also ensure that Bob would be able to have the procedure without sedation as they do not have targets and can spend more time completing the procedure.

The co-ordinator explained that within the bowel screening program they have targets to complete each week which means that each colonoscopy is allocated a 20 minute slot which is why they give everyone a sedative because this means that they can complete the procedure within the 20 minutes allocated, without sedation they have to take more time for obvious reasons, they can’t just shove the camera in and out if one has not had sedation. (no wonder they puncture one in a thousand when sedated!)

Although the co-ordinator did explain that there were exceptions allowed within this if one cannot have sedation, the problem was that most of the surgeons had never performed them without sedation and were not willing to do so.

The co-ordinator informed us that he would speak to Bob’s GP regarding a new referral for a colonoscopy through the normal channels so that he could take Bob out of the program. He recommended we made an appointment to see his GP in about a weeks’ time which would give him chance to contact her.

Before the end of January 2012 Bob saw his GP, the GP explained that she would have to make a new referral to the Gastro/medical clinic for investigation of the chronic diarrhoea in order to get a colonoscopy. She also informed us that she would fax a copy of the referral to the co-ordinator at the bowel screening clinic so that he could take Bob out of the bowel screening program.

The GP also asked Bob to provide a stool specimen, which he did the following day.
This came back negative, no blood showing this time.

Bob received an appointment for the Gastro/medical clinic in July 2012.

At this appointment with a very nice gastroenterology registrar Bob’s chronic diarrhoea was discussed. we also informed the registrar that we had changed our diet but it had only reduced the ferocity of it, the registrar informed us that we were doing everything right and that indeed Bob was not eating anything which should cause the diarrhoea. Blood tests were taken and Bob was asked to provide another stool specimen, which he did a few days later. During this appointment the problems with the Klean prep were also discussed and whilst the registrar recommended that Bob should have another colonoscopy she also agreed that Bob should not take any more Klean prep until the problems with his stomach had ceased, therefore she would schedule the colonoscopy for September 2012 in the hope that his stomach problems would have ceased by then given it would be a full year since taking the last Klean Prep.

The registrar also informed us that she would request the colonoscopy to be conducted without sedation with the help of the scope guide which aids them in getting round the bowel especially with patients who aren’t taking sedation.

Bob stomach problems did start to calm down but were still a problem in August 2012 and he also felt generally unwell so we contacted the gastro clinic and asked for the colonoscopy to be cancelled and rescheduled for October 2012 to give Bob more time to recover further.

In September 2012 Bob received a letter from the Gastroenterology registrar informing him that the blood tests which were taken at the clinic in July 2012 and the stool samples he had submitted were all normal. The registrar also informed us that as Bob wanted to postpone the colonoscopy until October 2012 unfortunately the endoscopy system did not allow her to pre-book scopes too far in advance and that she would hang on to the referral and then re-book nearer the time. The registrar also confirmed that she would again request it to be conducted unsedated with the help of the scope guide which aids then in getting round the bowel. 

Towards the end of September 2012 Bob saw his GP to discuss the issue of Bob having another colonoscopy and it was decided that Bob was definitely not up to having a colonoscopy anytime soon and that the GP was happy as Bob’s stool tests had showed no traces of blood again.

The GP informed Bob that she would write to the clinic and inform them of the decision.

In October 2012 Bob received a letter from the gastroenterology registrar confirming that she had received correspondence informing her that Bob no longer wished to have the colonoscopy procedure. It was stated in the letter that no future follow up in the clinic had been arranged but they were happy to do so should Bob change his mind and wish to undergo the colonoscopy.

During our continued research, in 2012 we came across H2O2 therapy.
Our research showed that H2O2 therapy could detox your body; fight infections, eliminate toxins, bacteria, viruses and neutralise germs, creating a foundation to rebuild the immune system.

This therapy involved taking drops of H2O2 in distilled water for a month.
After completing this therapy you then need to rebuild your immune system by taking good bacteria for a period of eight months.

As our research had also shown that toxins from medications can stay in your body for many years, Bob decided to implement this therapy, he started on 1st October 2012 and to give himself every chance whilst he was rebuilding his immune system he imposed an eight month self incarceration i.e. not going out and not having friends visit until June 2013. This way he could not pick up any infections, colds or viruses etc.

During the second week on the H2O2 therapy Bob started to lose his appetite and his stomach became bloated. If he tried to eat it would make him feel sick. By the beginning of the third week he had started vomiting. He was mainly vomiting liquid as he had not been able to eat for several days, but in this liquid there were a lot of what looked like coarsely ground grains of black pepper. As Bob had hardly eaten anything and certainly not black pepper he decided to inspect them under a microscope. On inspection they looked like a very small worm rolled up, Bob opened out the rolled up specimen with a cocktail stick and after further examination under a more powerful microscope it had a hook on one end of it.

Research in Google images identified it as a hook worm (parasite), the research also showed that if you have this parasite you will also have two others.

Further research showed that parasites can bury themselves and lie dormant for 18 months in your bones and marrow etc, whilst H2O2 therapy eliminates parasites this is mainly from your stomach and bowels, to rid your body of them completely you need to complete a set protocol over sixteen days using three herbs, Clove, Wormwood and Black walnut tincture. It was recommended to do one course then have a two week break and then do another course. To catch the ones that can lie dormant for up to eighteen months the protocol should be completed once every six months for eighteen months, proceeded by a maintenance course every six months.

At the beginning of the parasite cleansing and for a period of eight months continuously the research showed that this is when you should build your immune system with good bacteria.

After Bob had completed the H2O2 therapy he immediately started the parasite cleansing and the building up of his immune system with good bacteria.
Towards the end of the first parasite cleanse his bowel movements were back to normal with regular bowel movements every day, the chronic diarrhoea he had suffered with for ten years had ceased. His left arm and hand had also started to work again, he could now use a knife and fork which he hadn’t been able to do for many years.

Bob felt and looked 20 years younger, he had more energy and the chronic fatigue etc had vanished.

He proceeded to do a lot of manual work fixing things in the house etc which had built up over the years as he had not been able to do anything and created an air conditioning system.

The self incarceration Bob had imposed on himself was due to end on Saturday 1st June 2013, so we planned a celebratory evening out.
Unfortunately Bob did not feel great that day and had a headache but he could not put his finger on what was wrong, so instead of going out as arranged we invited a friend over for the evening.



During the Saturday evening of June 1st 2013 after having a meal and sharing a couple of bottles of wine with a friend, Bob suddenly experienced problems with his left arm and legs, his balance went and he collapsed on the floor onto his knees, when our friend tried to help him up he had no strength in his legs to get up to support himself.

After about ten minutes of oxygen he was able to stand up on his own but he did not feel good so he went to lie down on the bed, a few minutes later he had a cup of tea and then fell asleep.

The next morning Sunday 2nd June 2013 he felt absolutely fine and had no further problems that day.

On the evening of Monday June 3rd 2013 his left arm, hand and fingers would not work for a few seconds and his legs felt a bit wobbly for a few minutes.

On Tuesday 4th June 2013 he kept losing his balance and falling, so he lay down for most of the day and evening.

On Wednesday 5th June 2013 he had a stroke; his left arm was moving erratically and involuntary, his mouth drooped on the left side and his balance went completely and his legs gave way, he could not get up for several hours.

The whole of his left side from head to toe became paralysed.

Effects after the stroke:



Bob insisted he did not want me to call an ambulance or have any intervention by the NHS given all the problems they had caused him previously. Bob felt he was a perfect candidate for being put on the Liverpool pathway as they had already said that his condition was too complicated for them and the fact that they would not listen to him about the severe side effects he suffered with all prescribed medication and the potential danger of giving him sedatives in the bowel screening clinic.

He was concerned that they would not listen to him about his body’s intolerance to medication and bully or force him to have medication as they had tried to do in the bowel screening clinic where he had had to get up off the operation trolley to stop the verbal bullying and insistence that there was nothing wrong with him and he could have the sedation and/or medication that could potential kill him.

From the moment of the stroke Bob used the OXYfarm oxygen machine 24/7.

On the Wednesday evening we checked Bob’s blood pressure, it was very high.
After a quick research for something natural to bring his blood pressure down I found Lemon Grass Tea.
Our friend delivered some to us on the Thursday morning.

After drinking with a lot of difficulty half a cup of the lemon grass tea Bob’s blood pressure came down from 195/95 with a heart rate of 102 to 150/85 with a heart rate of 86 within minutes.

Every time Bob needed to go to the bathroom to urinate which was only five steps from the bed his blood pressure would increase dramatically, he would drink the lemon grass tea once back in bed which would bring his blood pressure down again, he later found  that drinking it immediately before going stopped the blood pressure increasing to danger levels.

Bob continued to drink lemon grass tea throughout the following days and weeks and his blood pressure remained stable in normal range.

As half of Bob’s mouth was paralysed and he had problems in swallowing he had to have a liquidised diet for the first three months after the stroke.

Speech was a problem in that it was difficult to form words, so he practised saying ‘the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain’ in front of a mirror for lots of hours every day to stop his mouth dropping.

A week after the stroke Bob managed to wiggle his index finger, this gave him hope and the realisation that he could recover from the paralysis. It was a very emotional moment for him. The next day he was able to move his thumb.

Whilst he could lock his knee so that he could stand for a few moments, he could not walk. He would have to pull his left leg forward with his right hand, being an engineer he quickly devised a bungee system attached to a moccasin which allowed him to use his body to control his left leg, leaving his right hand free to control balance.

During the night Bob suffered with breathing problems, feeling that he was suffocating, which was impossible as he was having the oxygen 24/7, even when he was asleep.

He would also be covered in sweat; the bed was so wet it was like someone had chucked a bucket of water over it. His blood pressure was also high during these episodes.

We knew from the neurologist that many of the pains that would suddenly happen particularly in the right side of his body were not real (no physical damage) and were being caused by faulty signals to and from the brain, they were nothing to worry about physically. We wondered if the breathing problems were being caused by wrong signals.

We also remembered research we had found when we were researching COPD that smoking raw cannabis (without tobacco) opened up and cleared the airways. I had tested this too, as a few years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. I used our OXYfarm oxygen machine daily and smoked raw cannabis in the evenings, after three months further tests showed I was clear from COPD.

A combination of the oxygen, lemon grass tea and smoking raw cannabis stabilised the problems and enabled him to breathe properly within 20 minutes.

Our research showed that to help the body repair it needs the full range of minerals and trace minerals in a form that is easily absorbed.
We found a product called Cellfood concentrate which provided these minerals etc in an ionic form which was easily absorbed by the body, Bob started using this immediately after the stroke. Further research showed that Silica was also needed by the body to help repair connective tissue and strengthen your main aorta and arteries, so Bob also used Cellfood Silica.


Until April 2015 Bob’s recovery had been two steps forward and three back.

Between the end of January 2015 and beginning of March 2015 Bob’s recovery put a spurt on, then one morning he had an excruciating pain in his left hip and all down his leg, his balance had gone and he could hardly move his left arm again, his fingers felt like fat sausages, he also had pains in his head and felt very ill and exhausted all the time. He had vibrations; high frequency tremors all over his body, spasticity in his left arm and leg and the left side of his face felt like he had been punched.

He was also very stressed about what was happening to him and stressing about stressing and had no clue what to do.

In April 2015 a friend with MS told me about a totally legal CBD hemp Oil that you vaped from a company called Kustomvape and that he thought it may help calm Bob’s trauma down.

I told Bob about it and we researched it all afternoon and evening, Bob decided to try it, he vaped constantly and after four hours he said whilst he could not say what specifically, he had a feeling that the trauma was calming down.

The next day he continued vaping and he remarked that his head felt clearer and he felt more alert and less stressed as the day went on.

Further research highlighted that the low levels of CBD in hemp oil was not enough to cure anything but that they were accumulative and would build up in the body if he kept vaping. Our research highlighted that much higher levels of CBD were required.

Research also showed that one of the most important things was how organically pure the plants, be they hemp or cannabis, were grown.

We found that CBD has many medicinal properties, we also found that most CBD oils available were extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant, as was the Kustom Vape CBD oil and whilst this had helped, for real medical benefits international research shows that you need CBD oil from the female cannabis plant that are bred for high CBD levels and low THC. Typically the levels of CBD in these plants is 20% whereas CBD extracted from Industrial Hemp is only 2%.

Research also showed that to get CBD to our cellular level to help repair the body you need to take it as drops held for 3 minutes under the tongue where it absorbs through the membranes and then straight into your bloodstream.

After further research we found the CBD Brothers, a UK supplier of CBD oil extracted from pure organic female cannabis plants grown in the Netherlands.
These plants are bred for high CBD levels, typically 20%.

We purchased a bottle of White Label CBD oil from the CBD Brothers.
Bob took 6 to 8 drops under his tongue three times a day.
It quickly reduced the traumas to a tolerable level and completely restored his balance.
This greatly improved his walking.

Eight days later he wrote this in the dairy:

Chronic fatigue – gone – fixed
Eyesight – improved
Balance – back to normal – fixed
Vibrations/trauma – calmed down – making life tolerable
Physical and mental stress – calmed down
Getting up out of a chair and walking – improved greatly
Lack of trauma and balance being good has improved mobility
Fingers no longer feel like sausages
Spasticity – less
Stress levels – minimal not stressing, if anything getting frustrated again
Very powerful in sorting out the trauma only a week and a day
Stopped a lot of random pains in head – head a lot clearer – cleared brain fog
Side of face, lips etc – calmed down
Psoriasis – Improving – calming down – infection/redness calming down
Without doubt I am going forward and beginning to recover

Over the next two months there were noticeable signs of improvement in his overall well being and ability to cope with the situation on a weekly basis.

During the third month he felt he had hit a brick wall, he felt wretched and had no energy, unable to stay awake for any length of time.
It was established that he was going through a healing crisis and needed to rest more.

Given the improvements the White label CBD oil had made we decided to step up to the more powerful red label, after a couple of days things started to improve, after 4/5 days things started to go forward again, particularly with his frozen arm and leg.

Two months after starting the red label things are still slowly improving, with each day feeling like a step forward toward complete recovery.

In addition to taking the CBD oil Bob continues to have Oxygen and Cellfood Concentrate on a daily basis.

Update – September 2015

Over the last few months Bob has had increasing problems in focusing whilst reading, so I arranged for Specsavers to come out and do an eye test.

The results were amazing, his eyesight had improved dramatically and he no longer requires glasses for long distance vision, he still requires glasses for reading but even this had improved and required a weaker prescription. This dramatic improvement to Bob’s eyesight could only have been caused by the introduction of CBD Oil four months ago as part of his treatment and lifestyle.

Inspired by this and as I have been taking the CBD oil for as long as Bob I had my eyes tested. The optician couldn’t believe her eyes after many years of gradual deterioration my eyesight had also shown a dramatic improvement which according to the optician hardly ever happens and she had never experienced it in her career.

Update – October 2015

Bob had an itchy bum which is a potential indication for having parasites, this reminded Bob that because of the stroke he had not completed the parasite cleansing course he had started prior to the stroke and would have to do it again to rid himself of the ones that could have been hibernating for eighteen months.

Bob started the 16 day parasite cleanse on Thursday 15th October, we also introduced good bacteria, zinc and Vitamin D to the regime to build up his immune system and to help repair any damage caused by the parasites or damage left over from the conundrum of medications that he had been trying to rid his body of when he did the Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) protocol in 2012 and discovered he was riddled with parasites.

Bob has had many stool tests and blood tests and not once were parasites ever mentioned. In hind sight we now know that the NHS does not report on parasites and seems not to realise they are the major cause of viruses/infections spreading throughout our body. They are only interested when there is blood found in the stools!

More to follow…

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