CBD Brothers Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Review


About CBD Brothers Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

CBD Brothers CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is a cannabis oil derived nutritional supplement made for active lifestyles.The Purity, Consistency and Quality of Cannabidiol in the CBD Brothers CBD Oil makes it the most convenient way to get your daily CBD.

CBD Oil possesses a range of medicinal benefits reporting to help people with the following conditions:

leafCancer leafEpilepsy leafRheumatism leafDepression
leafMigraines leafPsoriasis leafDiabetes leafNausea
leafAnxiety  leafAutism leafAcne leafNeuropathic Pain
leafObesity leafPsychosis leafMND leafAntibiotic
leafPMS leafStroke Prevention leafStroke Recovery leafALS

Most CBD products that are for sale contain extracted CBD out of Industrial Hemp which contain very small amounts of CBD, if it’s made out of the Industrial Hemp plant it is historically useless for medical purposes because the strength of that CBD is always less than 2%.CBD Brothers use extracted CBD from high level CBD Female Cannabis plants and only the buds/flowers are used for the best quality.

A major benefit of the CBD Brothers CBD oil is that the strength of the CBD is 20%.

Quality does  matter! >>>HANDMADE<<< Made of the best Dutch high CBD strains … unlike mass production.

The plants that are used for the CBD Brothers oil have received:
NO chemicals to grow NO added chemical taste compounds
NO alcohol leftovers NO butane or glycerine
CBD Brothers oil is Pure Organic

Whilst everyone is individual, generally you will only need 2 to 4 drops under the tongue.

CBD Brothers oil is safe to use: *NOT addictive* *NO side effects*  *Can NOT overdose* All the benefits without the stoned effects of THC.

Every week CBD Brothers import fresh new batches to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life.

Shelf life is 2 years if stored in a cool, dark place, Yes they are a bit more expensive than other sellers CBD Brothers only sell oil of the highest quality!

CBD Brothers are a UK based business and supplier of CBD Oil made using only the finest medical grade cannabis, grown and produced in the Netherlands.




10 ML contains about 225 to 250 drops – Whilst everyone is individual, generally you will only need 2 to 4 drops under the tongue, hold under the tongue for 3 minutes before swallowing – Shake Well Before Use.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is one of at least 60 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major constituent of the plant, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract, as a non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid. CBD is considered to have a wider scope of medical applications than Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).



The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid system is a central regulatory system that affects a wide range of biological processes, it consists of a group of molecules known as cannabinoids as well as the cannabinoid receptors they bind to.Although cannabis is a source of over 60 cannabinoids (including THC and CBD), the human body produces a number of cannabinoids as well.
These endogenous cannabinoids include Anandamide and 2- Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) and are present in all human beings.

Decades of scientific research on the Endocannabinoid system has resulted in the discovery of two types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.
These receptors are found in various parts of the body, but are most prominent in the brain and immune system.

Cannabinoid receptors act as binding sites for endogenous cannabinoids as well as cannabinoids found in cannabis. When cannabinoids bind to CB1 or CB2 receptors, they act to change the way the body functions.

While cannabinoid receptors are primarily expressed in the brain and immune system, researchers have identified cannabinoid receptors in a variety of other places as well, including the peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and gastrointestinal and urinary tracts.

Cannabinoid receptors continue to be identified in unique parts of the body as research on the Endocannabinoid system progresses.




CBD Brothers 100% Organic Cannabidiol CBD Oil

CBD Brothers 100% Organic Cannabidiol CBD Oil





what Does The Endocannabinoid System Do?

Interestingly, the Endocannabinoid system is not unique to the human species. Rather, research has shown that this system is common to all humans and vertebrate animals and – even some invertebrate animals – suggesting its significance in the process of evolution. Experts believe that natural selection has conserved the Endocannabinoid system in living organisms for 500 million years.Although the Endocannabinoid system affects a wide variety of biological processes (such as appetite and sleep), experts believe that its overall function is to regulate homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a key element in the biology of all living things and is best described as the ability to maintain stable internal conditions that are necessary for survival. Disease is simply a result of some aspect of failure in achieving homeostasis, making the endocannabinoid system a unique target for medical applications.


Cannabidiol Medical Applications

A primary example of the Endocannabinoid system’s role in homeostasis comes from research that has identified an overexpression of cannabinoid receptors in the tumor cells of various cancer diseased, including lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Research has also shown that tumor growth can be inhibited and even reversed when cannabinoids such as THC are administered.

Experts believe that the overexpression of cannabinoid receptors is an indicator of the Endocannabinoid system’s role as a biological defence system, providing strong support for the use of medical marijuana.

Interestingly, research suggests that this defence system is not only useful in treating cancer, but may also be beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions. Current evidence points to the Endocannabinoid system as being a potential therapeutic target for the following list of disorders:

AIDS/HIV Alzheimer’s PTSD Chronic pain
Arthritis Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Glaucoma
Multiple Sclerosis Sleep disorders Cancer And more



Cannabinoid History

Cannabis was made illegal in the 1930’s as it was considered to have no medical qualities and be highly addictive to users, worse still the media portrayed it as the devil’s drug and films such as “Reefer Madness” scared people into thinking that it was dangerous which is still ingrained into society today as the truth is not yet public knowledge!Now there is massive amounts of research available today to say that cannabis is not only medicinal, but the greatest medicine of then all!.
www.endalldisease.com have compiled a list of medical stidies from credible medical journals around the world which all have a consistant theme
between them, it is that “cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells”.

The most common use for cannabis is for pain. Scientists say it works by modulating the electrical and chemical activity to help reduce excessive activity.
It binds to the receptors throughout the brain and body, reduces inflammation and provides a buffer against pain, the receptors control movement, coordination, memory, learning, appetite, pleasure, sensation, sense of space and time and other drives.

Scientists in Israel are now reporting that cannabis can actually protect the brain and even decrease the amount of brain damage from head injuries, so you can give medicine after the injury to reverse some of the damage! The “Grandad of Cannabis research” Dr Raphael Mechoulam claims, to get the best results you need Tetrahydrocannabinol present with Cannabidiol which he calls the entourage effect, but unfortunately for now THC remains illegal in the UK.

Cannabinoids were first discovered in the 1940s, when CBD and CBN (Cannabiniol) were identified. The structure of THC was first determined in 1964.Cannabis has been used as a medicine for over 3,500 years with not one recorded death related to it. Decades ago Cannabis was a legitimate medication prescribed by the doctors and dispensed by pharmacies across the world.

Due to molecular similarity and ease of synthetic conversion, CBD was originally believed to be a natural precursor to THC.
However, it is now known that CBD and THC are produced independently in the cannabis plant from the precursor CBG.


These are the CBD Brothers products BoB The Patient uses for Prevention and Recovery.

red-top-cbdCBD Brothers RED Label CBD Oil I used CBD Brothers white label in the first instance with good results. It quickly reduced the traumas I was suffering to a tolerable level and it completely restored my balance. After (three months) I ran into a brick wall and stopped moving forward. Given the improvements the white label had made I decided to step up to the more powerful red label, after a couple of days things started to improve, after 4/5 days things started to go forward again, particularly with my frozen left side. Seven months after starting the red label things are still slowly improving, with each day feeling like a step forward to complete recovery. I take 6 drops under my tongue (hold for three minutes before swallowing) three times a day. With no bad side effects. One good side effect has been a massive improvement to my eye sight with my long range vision returning to normal.



cbd-pasteCBD Brothers CBD Paste To help overcome my addiction to nicotine and to top up the cbd oil or during periods of high physical or mental stress I make my own vape liquid for my medipen. I make a 10ml bottle of vape liquid by mixing 1ml (1000mg) of CBD Brothers CBD paste with 9ml (9000mg) of Vegetable Glycerine. It’s the vegetable glycerine that creates the smoke effect when you exhale in most vape pens. This vape recipe creates a wonderfully smooth vape that has been described as heavenly! I use Bob’s Best (nothing to do with me btw) Vegatable Glycerine available from bobbyshealthyshop.co.uk to ensure quality of product.





CBD Brothers CBD Capsules I used CBD Brothers CBD capsules before I discovered the medipen, they did the same job but I preferred vaping as this had the added benefit of reducing and eliminating my nicotine addiction.





CBD Brothers CBD Balm I use CBD Brothers CBD Balm primarily to stop the itching from my Psoriasis. I also use it to eliminate pains caused by muscle strains and inflammation to the frozen joints in my arms and legs on the paralysed left side of my body. I am amazed at this balm’s ability to penetrate deep into muscles and joints, to be honest could not cope without it.




medipenThis is the Medipen I use for vaping my homemade CBD Vape.  https://medipen.co





This is the Vegetable Glycerine (VG) I use to make my CBD Vape liquid. http://www.bobbyshealthyshop.co.uk



You Really Can Live Healthier Longer!


For more information or to purchase CBD Brothers CBD Oil please go to: cbdbrothers.com