Cocowell Organic 100% Pure Coconut Water Review


What’s in the Cocowell Organic Coconut Water Tetra-Pak carton?


100% organic coconut water, grown on a single organic plantation in Brazil and packaged within an amazing 3 to 8 hrs of harvest.


cocowell--tetrapakCOCOWELL organic contains pure organic coconut water from freshly picked young green coconuts that have been allowed to grow naturally on a single organic plantation in north east Brazil as nature intended.

Cocowell organic coconuts are harvested immediately they reach their maximum electrolyte, vitamin and nutritional levels, approximately six months old.

The coconuts are harvested at several different times of the year and small variations of taste can occur, to ensure purity COCOWELL’s quality philosophy is to do nothing to change these naturally occurring small taste variations.

COCOWELL’s ultra modern processing and packaging plant is within minutes of the organic plantation where the coconuts are grown, this is how they are able to complete the whole process from tree to carton in 3 to 8hrs maximum.

Low in acidity. 

Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)nutritional-facts

Five essential electrolytes: Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous.

Rich in amino acids, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Copper.

Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5 & B6.

CYTOKININS for healthy skin cell generation.

Only 60 calories per carton.

No Fat, No cholesterol, No added sugar.

No preservatives, No lactose, No artificial colouring.

Guaranteed GMO-free and Organic

Cocowell organic coconut water is certified organic by IBD Brazil and Bios Austria AT-O-01-BIO

Cocowell Organic Coconut Water – The Fluid Of Life From The Tree Of Life – Best serve chilled… 

Health benefits of COCOWELL organic coconut water

For more than 4,000 years coconut water has been revered as a natural source of nutrition, wellness, beauty and hydration.

In times of famine and war, coconut water has been used as an intravenous fluid and saved many lives. Raw coconut water is the only natural substance that can be safely injected into the human bloodstream.

Today, coconut water is used worldwide in the treatment of digestive ailments, as a natural beauty aid, to relieve cramps, to re-hydrate, nourish and to naturally repair ourbaby-coconut body cells.

COCOWELL organic coconut water contains the five essential electrolytes your body needs to keep nerves firing and muscles moving.

One 330ml carton of COCOWELL organic coconut water has more potassium than a banana and 15 times more than most sports drinks.

Drink COCOWELL organic before or during a workout for the natural energy you need for optimal performance.

COCOWELL organic coconut water natures health tonic

Coconut Water is a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk.
Due to its high calcium content.

Coconut Water can be good for the heart.
Lowers blood pressure and improves blood cholesterol levels.

Coconut Water can improve digestion.
Helps relieve digestive disorders such as IBS, relieves constipation etc.

Coconut Water can help Kidney cleansing.cocowell--tetrapak
Aids in kidney function, helps clear and prevent urinary/bladder infections.

Coconut Water makes an excellent rehydration sports drink.
Aids before and during exercise performance, naturally replenishes your body s
fluids after exercising, prevents cramping and optimizes muscle performance.

Coconut Water provides all-natural energy
Strengthens the immune system and enhances healing energies in the body.

Coconut Water helps balance blood sugar in diabetics.
Help prevent Type 2 Diabetes; put your children on the path to a lifetime of good health.

Coconut Water can reduce stress and give mental acuity.
Enhances concentration and helps to manage stress.

Coconut Water can restore alkaline balance.
Helps to ward off disease from bacteria and viruses.

Coconut water is nature’s natural isotonic drink and hydrates better than pure water or isotonic sports drinks.

COCOWELL organic coconut water drink recipes


COCOWELL organic coconut water is perfect for people of all ages

COCOWELL Organic coconut water is nature s isotonic sports drink and is the perfect re-hydrating and electrolyte replacement drink for all age groups.Makes great ice lollies, ice cubes and smoothies.

No added sugar, No artificial flavours, colours or chemicals.

Whilst re-hydrating and increasing energy levels, COCOWELL Organic will not induce the sugar related hyperactive spikes commonly associated with fruit juices, lemonades, colas and isotonic sports drinks.

In times of ill health coconut water is nature’s natural Health Tonic.


COCOWELL organic Tetra-Pak 100% recyclable packaging


The safe eco-friendly Tetra-Pak Prisma Carton is made from 100% recyclable layers of paper that are encapsulated in four layers of non toxic polyethylene.

The polyethylene is BPA free and suitable for children under ten and pregnant mothers.

High concentrations of BPA in plastics are increasingly becoming associated with development disorders in young children. 

By using less than one tenth of the plastic used in most other fluid packaging containers, Tetra-Pak Prisma cartons have an eco-friendly low carbon footprint.

cocowell organic eco-friendly packaging is BPA free and completely safe for children

Top six uses for COCOWELL organic

REFRESH – Drink straight from the carton for a refreshing energy burst.

REHYDRATE & REPLENISH – Take to the gym to refresh and replace electrolytes stoned-cartonlost during exercise – prevents cramping and optimizes muscle performance.

ALKALIZE – Mix with spirulina or wheatgrass for a delicious alkalizing drink. Helps to ward off disease from bacteria and viruses.

SMOOTHIE BASE – use in place of water or milk – or use coconut water ice-cubes!

MIXER for party drinks and cocktails (see recipes) 

SKIN CARE – Containing CYTOKININS for healthy skin cell generation

Our review conclusion

In Our Opinion Cocowell Organic Coconut Water Is The Healthiest Coconut Water On Earth

Cocowell Organic Coconut Water is the only traceable (from tree to carton) organic coconut water we have found in the UK.
Cocowell organic is produced by a single organic plantation in Brazil and packaged within 3 to 8 hrs using the most advanced and hygienic Tetra-Pak packaging plant in the world into BPA free (child safe) Tetra-Pak Prisma cartons.


Coconutty, a long established UK coconut product importer, provides a stress free cocowell organic ordering and delivery service that  does what they both say on the tin.

Coconutty MultiPacks of Cocowell Organic Coconut Water Really Will Help You To Live Healthier Longer coconutty-cocowell

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