OXYfarm SA-2500 Oxygen Generator Review


Water Conditioned – Negatively Ionised – Oxygen Therapy At The Touch Of A Button!

Why do we need negatively ionised oxygen…

Within every cell in our body there is a group of smaller cells collectively known as Mitochondria.Mitochondria have two primary functions, they produce essential ATP (biological energy), the fuel we run on, they also replicate and replace 10 to 50 trillion worn out cells in our bodies every day.

The Mitochondria are our power generators and like all power stations they need good quality fuel to work efficiently.

Their fuel is the energy released from the food and oxygen we consume, good quality fresh food + naturally, negatively ionised oxygen = good health.

Look after YOUR Mitochondria they look after YOU – Google It – You really can Live Longer and Healthier

What’s in the box?


Airion OXYfarm SA 2500 technical stuff


About Airion OXYfarm SA 2500 oxygen therapy machine

small-oxyfarmUsed around the world, the Airion OXYfarm SA 2500 is the original patented negatively ionising oxygen generator and in our opinion still the most advanced and user friendly personal oxygen therapy machine available in the UK.

The maintenance free OXYfarm SA 2500 uses an artificially intelligent control system, electronically generated negative ions, compressors and advanced self cleaning membrane technology to filter out impurities and increase the oxygen in the air it provides from normal room air by 150%. i.e. from 21% oxygen purity to 31% oxygen purity.

Raising our oxygen levels in the air we breathe by 150% increases the oxygen levels in our blood stream to the maximum safe level required for our optimum good health, cell regeneration, biological energy production (ATP) and for our maximum resistance to infections viruses etc.

Unlike most other oxygen generators, the OXYfarm SA 2500 does not discharge the pollutants it has filtered back into the room it has just removed them from.

The OXYfarm removes it s pollutants from the room or building through it s exhaust pipe, the positive ions generated by the compressor are removed in the water conditioning chamber.


The OXYfarm SA-2500 leaves it s competitors behind with it’s unique internationally patented water conditioning chamber where the warm highly positively ionised oxygen enriched air is water conditioned and naturally negatively ionised before being passed to the headset.
(See Water Conditioning Chamber Below)


Smaller than most desktop computers the OXYfarm s almost silent running award winning compact design is extremely user friendly and easy to set up.

To set up, insert one end of the exhaust/nitrogen discharge pipe into the socket on the back of the machine and put the other end out of the room, preferably out of a window, fill the water chamber to the indicated level and plug in the headset or wand to the top of the machine and plug into the mains.

To use, press on/off button and then press the ion button to start a 15 minute therapy session, when completed the oxygen generatordisplay
will stop, the LCD screen will show a 5-4-3-2-1 minute count down before automatically starting a 
new 15 minute session.

Just like nature, the OXYfarm uses water to naturally,
negatively ionise and condition the oxygen enriched air it provides to the user.

Water conditioning chamber

Typically, natures negatively ionised air is only found in abundance near large waterfalls or in large pine forests in Scotland where it always seems to rain. Rain droplets atomize and partially evaporate on impact with the individual pine needles creating high quantities of negative ions in the air.
Positive ions fall to earth trapped within water droplets that did not evaporated.In UK towns and cities most of us will have briefly experienced negatively ionised air on a sunny spring day, immediately after a rain shower when the sun causes the rain water on the ground to evaporate quickly and briefly fill the air with healthy negative ions called Anions (Vitamins of the air).

Positive ions in the air we breath are detrimental to our positively charged bodies, we use most of the energy the oxygen originally contained, removing the unwanted positive ions; Cations (Free Radicals).

Just like nature, and unlike its competitors the patented OXYfarm SA 2500 water conditioning chamber naturally, negatively ionises its oxygen enriched air.

“our bodies absolutely love and freely absorb negatively ionised oxygen”

Water conditioning chamber


The water conditioning chamber naturally ionises the air when the oxygen contained in the air bubbles created by the air stone, burst from the deionized water. Just like nature’s evaporating rainwater, positive ions are left behind in the chamber, to be thrown away when the deionized water is changed.
To protect us, our nasal hair follicles must be kept moist; the mucus they are coated with are our bodies first line of defence to airborne viruses and contaminants, when dry they fail to act as a filter or barrier.
Unlike chemical or most other condensing oxygen generators, the OXYfarm’s unique water conditioning chamber overcomes these problems by cooling and humidifying the oxygen enriched air.
To ensure absolute purity, we recommend that you use only de-ionised/distilled water in the OXYfarm’s water conditioning chamber, UK tap water tends to contain too many unwanted minerals etc. Distilled water is available from most supermarkets for irons and most garages to top up car batteries.




1. Place the Headset over each ear.
2. Make sure flexible tube is not folded or crushed.
3. Adjust flexible output head 10mm below your nose.
4. When finished remove any water from the condensation trap.
5. To open the trap turn the long blue part anti-clockwise.
6. Empty out water, dry and replace condensation trap.

De-stress revitalise

Neurologists tell us that negatively ionised oxygen therapy, naturally reduces stress by balancing Seratonin and Dopamine levels in our neurological pathways, brain cells de-stress and Mitochondria.

Basically serotonin and dopamine are the mood chemicals used by the brain to make us feel happy or stressed.

Brain cells and their Mitochondria are the masters of our bodies, they collectively have first call on all available oxygen in our blood stream, if they don’t get enough they go into survival mode and switch off oxygen to other groups of cells in our bodies.

We consequently feel tired, lethargic, irritable and stressed as the serotonin and dopamine become increasingly unbalanced.

Negatively ionised oxygen therapy is used by Masseurs and Physiotherapists to promote, enhance and prolong our receptiveness to massage therapies.

Oxygen Therapy Naturally Heightens Our Receptiveness To Touch

Our review conclusion

The OXYfarm SA 2500 Is the Ultimate Health Essential Every Home and Office Should Have!

The Airion OXYfarm SA 2500 is the world’s original patented naturally, negatively ionising oxygen generator and in our opinion it is the most advanced personal oxygen therapy machine available in the UK today.

It has certainly kept BoB The Patient alive  – for more information see
BoB’s Treatment History and Our Research Part 1 (Year 2007)


Use the OXYfarm for as many hours as possible it really will help you to Live Healthier Longer


For more information or to purchase the OXYfarm SA-2500 Oxygen Generator please go to:
Pure O2 – healthoxygen.com