Tiana Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review


What’s in the jar?

100% Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – The Only Certified – Fair Trade – Cold Processed (ANH) – Raw – Organic – Virgin – Coconut Oil Available In The UK. 

Tiana organic coconut oil is extracted from the raw fresh white meat from freshly picked mature organic coconuts and processed in the most advanced, temperature controlled, sealed, stainless steel coconut oil processing plant in the world. The complete process from tree to jar takes three weeks.

The modern hygienic state of the art production plant holds the temperature below 40°C during the complete production process, ensuring all the vitamins, lauric acid and antioxidants the coconut meat originally contained is maintained within the oil.

To comply with strict IS0 9002 rules and HACCP quality control certification, Tiana Organic oil goes through 20 separate quality control tests before bulk transportation to the UK for packaging in hygienic tamper proof security sealed glass jars.



After three years of research and testing, we at Live Longer and Healthier conclude that Tiana is better than all the rest!

What makes Tiana raw organic virgin coconut oil so beneficial?

Answer –  Tiana Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil contains up to 57% Lauric Acid, vitamins, particularly vitamin E and antioxidants.tiana-jar

Tiana Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a saturated fat made up of medium chain fatty acids, the GOOD fats
with formidable healing powers.

Do you know that medium chain fatty acids increase metabolism and promote weight loss?.

This is because medium chain fatty acids are processed directly in the liver and immediately converted into energy, they do NOT get converted into cholesterol or body fat.

Tiana Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil contains an average 57% Lauric acid, the only other abundant source of Lauric Acid is in mothers breast milk. The body converts Lauric acid into Monolaurin.

Monolaurin is the antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal monoglyceride substance used by the body to destroy lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, herpes and influenza viruses etc.

Our bodies use Monolaurin to kill micro-organisms that cause sinus infections, pneumonia, bladder infections, candidiasis, measles, epstein barr virus, glandular fever, hepatitis C, food poisoning, gastric ulcers and many other viruses.

Purchasing this award winning certified fair trade product means a better life for poor families in the developing world.

“The healthiest oil on earth” Dr Bruce Fife,  Director of the International Coconut Research Centre.

Consuming this certified organic product will almost certainly help you to live longer and healthier

What can Tiana raw organic virgin coconut oil do for me?

Tiana Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can:

  • support tissue healing and repair.
  • provide an immediate source of energy.
  • protect against numerous bacteria, viral, fungi (including yeast) infections and viruses
  • reduce the risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions.
  • reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and related illnesses.
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol.the-healthiest-oil-on-earth
  • support immune system functions.
  • help control diabetes.
  • help prevent osteoporosis.
  • support healthy metabolic function.
  • improve IBS, digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • supply the important nutrients necessary for good health.
  • promote weight loss, provide satiety keeping you fuller for longer.
  • prevent obesity and overweight problems as part of a healthy diet.
  • increase the content of lauric acid in breast milk when consumed at the therapeutic dose.
  • can promote healing and is able to repair skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, acne etc.

What Tiana raw organic virgin coconut oil does NOT do

small-jardoes NOT increase blood cholesterol level.
does NOT promote platelet stickiness or blood clot formation
does NOT contribute to arteriosclerosis or heart disease.bunch-of-coconuts
does NOT contain trans fats.
does NOT contribute to weight problems.


How to use Tiana 100% raw organic virgin coconut oil as a food supplement

  • You can eat Tiana Organic by the spoonful.
    Recommended therapeutic daily intake 3.5 tbsp.
  • Use Tiana Organic for dips, salad dressings,
    marinades, mayonnaise, guacamole, etc.
  • Add Tiana Organic to casseroles, curries, soups, etc.
    Stir or whisk in 1 – 3 tablespoons before serving.
  • Use Tiana Organic to replace all other oils you use
    for cooking and frying etc.
  • Add 1-3 tablespoons to smoothies – Delicious!
  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons to hot drinks instead of sugar.
  • Replace butter and margarine in baking recipes.
  • Use Tiana Organic as a spread instead of butter.

Use Tiana raw organic virgin coconut oil for skin moisturising, healing and massage

The high content of up to 57% Lauric acid in Tiana Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil helps to:-

  • prevent and eliminate premature aging and wrinklesmassage-woman
  • heal and prevent acne and blemishes.
  • prevent/eliminate stretch marks during/after pregnancy.
  • prevent viral, fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.
  • relieve the itching, pain and swelling of bee stings, insect bites, etc.
  • soothe and heal cuts, wounds, blood blisters, rashes, nappy rash,etc.
  • protect against skin cancer.
  • speed healing of tender areas after childbirth.
  • reduce chronic skin inflammation within days.
  • soothe pain and reduce inflammation from breast feeding.
  • heal conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn etc facial-woman
  • treat dandruff better than a medicated shampoo.
  • soften the hair and condition the scalp – Use as a pre-wash conditioner (leave on for 30 mins before washing)

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is a protective antioxidant that prevents destructive free-radical formation

Our review conclusion

Tiana Organic Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil on earth

Award winning Tiana Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is the only truly traceable (from tree to jar) cold processed organic coconut oil available in the UK.

Containing more than 56% Lauric Acid Tiana Organic is simply the best.

Tiana Organic is ideal for raw food diets and most important of all “it does what it says on the tin”


Tiana Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil really will help you to
Live Healthier Longer 


For more information or to purchase Tiana Raw Virgin Coconut Oil please go to: tiana-coconut.com